Ventures of an ex indie game developer


I'm currently releasing the rocket launcher game. I call it NSAgent. I've made the 10 icons; the five splash screens; the 15 screen shots (although I cheated a little bit on a couple of iPhone 5 shots). I wrote the description in Swedish and English and added the app in iTunes Connect. Currently archiving in Xcode as Universal. It's built for iPad, but works well enough on iPhone; but I draw an ugly black border on the sides of the iPhone. Possibly Apple can use that to reject the app.

There is also a pinch of satire in there, but I'm hoping it will fly. Apple cut me down when I was too direct in my ping pong game. This time I'm not as much in anybody's face, and I think no sane user will ever care or even notice, but Apple might. But I hope and think not. Or perhaps I have to change some details, and in that case I hope they inform me of what it is that might be offensive. Grumpy fuckers.

Oooh, compile done! Uploading! Nah... didn't work. I just renewed my iOS developer program. I guess I need to download new certificates and what not. Uh. This is getting on my nerves. Soon sleep, ahhh!

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