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Trabant workshop

I'm holding a small Trabant workshop for my colleagues next week in which we'll build a Minecraft prototype in an hour. I needed to recall the API in order to feel confident, so I made a basic prototype at home to try it out.

Good thing I'm impressed that this interactive prototype is doable in 22 lines of code, because everyone else seems to think it's nothing special about it.

LENR postponed

Reproducing Parkhomov's reproduction was just another mad idea, and I couldn't find any friend who seemed interested enough to participate. But most of all I don't have time to realize this project at this time. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to get my PSI book done by Christmas. I've read over 60% of the books, but I'm going to pick up the pace.

Lately I've been playing a ton of Quake Live, pretty much every night. I find it extremely fun and addictive but I can't allow it to keep taking a big chunk out of my life for no rational reason. (Come to think about it my day-job steals a big part of my life, but at least it sustains my family's lifestyle. A lifestyle which, to at least some degree, is reasonable. In our country, in our culture, with our beliefs. In pretty much all other parts of the world it would be quirky at best and considered harmful or even hostile to some. Thus I should play Quake instead of working. Or work on my deductive skills.)

I'll start looking for printmakers which I can afford and survey for publishers. But a paraphrase of Groucho Marx's famous' is warranted: I can't publish with a publisher who'll have me. If they've released madness in the past, they're not for me. Certainly most of the people will think I'm delusional, and sane publishers who think I'm right will not want to get their hands dirty. The giggle factor is too great. So in all likelihood I'll publish myself.

Only one decision remains really, and that is the look of the illustrations. And whether or not to use humor in them. I can't stop thinking about this one from Jeff Atwood, so that style is probably what I'll aim for:

I doubt I could even come near to this quality as I've had no practice with illustrations in the past, and I'm far from artistic. Professional-grade craftsmanship takes 10k hours to evolve, as you know, and talent makes a huge difference. Only time will tell what kind of quality book I can produce, but I intend to do my very best. And to endure I'll probably have to develop my very own "Iron Egg Skill," a bit like this guy:

Good for you, bro! Good for you.

Domain knowledge the hard way

I just ordered the chemicals I'm going to need for the LENR (or whatever) reaction. At the same time I got the chemicals for the cement, I assume that normal cement wouldn't do because of the temperature. The five chemicals alone cost me close to 200€. The rest I figured would be easy and cheap to get to, even though I had no idea what some of it were.

I need an Al2O3 ceramic tube and some type of plugs for the ends. For the plugs it seems like aluminium will do fine, so that is cheap and easy to find I assume. The ceramic pipe I found nearby and the seller contacted me at once, but when I mentioned the low volume he never wrote back. Bah!

To harden the cement I need some heat source. Perhaps I could use my dad's heat gun? Parkhomov heated to 800 degrees for one hour... That sounds awfully long to me. Hm. Need to think of something.

Then there was the thing called "thermocouple." I'd never heard about it before, so checked it out. Two metal wires welded together along with some type of ADC to read electric potential between your point of interest and some reference temperature (in my case room temperature). Sounds like 20-30€, right? Wrong. The wire itself seems to be around 60€ (for 1200°C, which is (almost?) inadequate), then there's the time to construct an ADC yourself as Arduino doesn't have the required analog voltage resolution and Raspberry Pi doesn't have an AD input at all. Yikes!

The electrical heater I'll build using some thyristor and a metal wire which has some resistance. Those can't be expensive! I've used a thyristor control for the alarm a year ago, so at least it should be pretty straight-forward.

I also need some way to measure input electric power or current. If I know the characteristics of the metal wire for the heater at different temperatures I probably could just measure the time. Sounds a bit sketchy. Ok, so I need some amp meter.

Finally it's the reactor containment. I'll use a stainless steel pot for the inner part. I'll put some sand in the bottom and some brick pieces to lie on. For outer container (holding the water and the inner container) I might use another stainless steel pot despite obvious thermal leak as it's hard to find a good-sized ceramic pot. Around the whole thing I'll put some plastic foam which must withstand the 92 or so degrees of the seething water. On top a foam slab and I'll place the reactor on a normal Swedish cork coaster.

So in total around 400€ for the initial experiment. Not too foul, but still a lot more than I had anticipated.

It probably won't look very different to Parkhomov's reactor (the container on the right):

Then some tweaking and making sure I collect data correctly and I should be good to go. It probably will take another month to get everything delivered and assembled, crap! Why must all the interesting things be so damn hard? Rossi's going to sell to mass market while I'm still trying to get my homebrew cement to stick to the ceramics tube.

I'm also a bit scared of the chemicals, but I'll try to keep my spirits high and enjoy the ride. If you're interested in participating, write me at

Boundless contemptuousness

So first I made some shit games. Then I made a tool for prototyping games which was really good. Then I intended to write a couple of books, the first on parapsychology, the second on metaphysics, but I got interrupted during my research. What happened?

I just happened to take a look at how the E-Cat is coming along. I've been positive but soundly skeptic to Rossi's claims all along, and it looks like he was right. Not only is his 1MW plant inofficially reported to produce 20+ COP or more, but a distinguished independent russian researcher easily reproduced Rossi's findings (but at a measly 2.74 COP).

I just need to take a break from researching PSI to experiment with this. If I too am able to reproduce 2 COP or more, I'll quickly aim for the commercial market and conquer the world as well as salvaging the planet. The theories can be swept up by scientists, but I'll join in the race asap. Since I believe a lot of what Sheldrake is saying on others paving the way in terms of behavior and even chemistry (he calls this "morphic resonance"), it should be easier for me to catch up with the leaders. Although it ought to be impossible to beat them to a commercial product due to their head start of several years, it's not impossible.

My personal development over the last few months:

Ok, time to get to work!

Internetz radio

Just updated my homebrew internetz radio to use Spotify instead of murdered GrooveShark. I expected it to take half a day, which it did. For creating the Spotify client and interfacing it with my player (called AidBand) that is. Another 25 or so hours was spent on administrative shit as Windows partly crumbled while yielding the short but informative 0xc000007b message. Do you think this is another one of them "we don't know what's wrong"-type of messages?

So the brown little shit at the top became a whole pie. Anyway, now it works again, good to have some music in da house. If I get around to it, I'll share the updated AidBand source.

4D game

This guy is making a 4D game called Miegakure. There's some hype surrounding it, but it looks "only" to be a bunch of parallel 3D levels. Hm. I had hoped there would be some type of cool 4D-projected-to-3D-projected-to-screen but no such luck this time. Just as well as such a game probably wouldn't be playable anyway.

Is this my game?!

I just played a couple of levels of NSAgent, this was the first time I tried any of my games in months, and to my surprise it was pretty entertaining! I both liked the labels on the vehicles (which I assumed would be banned by Apple) and was humored by the "congratulations note" when having finished a level. Nice job Jonas!

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