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Apple rejected my app, stating the following reason:
15.3: "Enemies" within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity
Ok. Not much of I surprise there, I guess. Perhaps apart from "Al Queda" explicitly mentioned as one of the entities which cannot be targeted. Sure, it's a real organization, but I thought it would be acceptable as it's classified as a terrorist group by Australia, Canada, EU, India, Iran, Russia, UK, UN and the US. So I'll remove "al-Quaeda" and "Communist" and try again.

I won't start working on it for some time yet, but as I've stated in some earlier post I'm now going to leave the crappy games behind and make a great one next time. I spent some time pondering what that game might be. It's going to have to be a game that I enjoy playing. And not just a couple of minutes, but really play. It's going to have to be iPad-compatible, which means lousy controls. And it's going to have to include humanoids, as that's the only type of game that I really like.

So one of my first thoughts was to make an agent-style game, seen from the side with 2D controls. I saw a web game more than ten years ago, which was a bit like what I want to make. Think C64 Barbarian, but agents with guns... something like that.

I'll probably intermix with some vehicle styff, like one 3D offroad monster truck thingie and one 3D helicopter run (inspired by the 3D vehicle part of Mass Effect). And it will be single player. Something like that. It will be a huge undertaking for me, but I won't let it go until it's great!

This would perhaps be biting off more than I could chew, so I'm thinking about taking one step at a time, as I've never done any editor, indoor environments, generated terrain, skinning, nor humaniods. So perhaps I could do an intermediate Tekken style game to get the skinning+humanoids in place. Or perhaps more like Int Karate+. Multiplayer. That should also be a great game, if I'm able to pull it off properly.

There are certainly some technical aspects that are crucial to get right, such as human motion. Stand, crouch, run, jump, ragdoll. Hitting different body parts. Perhaps I'll use a capsule for collision detection when moving. Then I'll have to have different sizes of the capsule for walking and crouching. And the limbs should be used for collision detection as well to some extent when fighting (and hitting a limb). Exactly how I'll pull this off along with multiplayer latencies I don't know. Hm. I'm not finished thinking about this yet.

One main thing that would be very different between these two games outlined above and the previous six is that I think that I would like to maintain them, upgrade with new features and so forth. My logic goes as long as I like to play them, I'd also like to improve and upgrade.

But first I have a terrorist organization to wipe out.

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