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Bound 3D was reviewed and passed last night. It has yet to receive interstitial iAds, but I looked pretty long and hard for it and eventually I found a small clause inside the iAd App Network FAQ (gosh):
Your submitted app will be reviewed by iAd to determine the app’s appropriateness for receiving ads from iAd advertisers. After your app has been approved, you can start earning revenue for ads that run in your app.
Apart from that the app seems to work. I feel pretty proud about the app, but don't know why exactly. I think it may be because for the first time I made an app that fits the format. It looks peculiar, I'd say it's appalling in that mid-90'ies 3D simulator kind of way. But the feeling is right. Oh, and it's boring. Alas, one out of three is my best achievement so far so that's probably why I feel a bit proud of myself now that it's in the open. Over to the post mortem.

What went wrong What went right
There's no fun to be had there. You get no gratification when you complete a level, you just get an extra ball. It's not very relaxing, in fact you get a bit stressed by the whole "hurry before the balls get over here" thing. On the other hand, there's no thrill either. The worst thing that can happen is that you get your line shattered. It's all very stiff, so there's no amusement to be had. This is not a game, it's a recipe for apathy.

Swiping works as I wish it would. The symbolics could be better. For instance, I just realized that everybody else in the iOS world uses dashed lines for cutting. I use a solid line. Apart from that I'm satisfied with the overall feel.

It looks like a home-made game from the mid-90'ies. I wrote 4k intros in the mid-90'ies that looked better than this. It's not cute. It's not sharp. It just looks like... glahh...

2725 lines of code, 12 lines of configuration (for the ball), one mesh+one texture (the soccer ball itself), 16 calendar days. Goes without saying that it was my best game so far in terms of development hours. In terms of dollars per hour it still sucks ass.

"Buy full"
A full what? A full moon? A full stomach? Full som en kastrull? And if you read between the lines, there's absolutely no explanation of what you're buying if you would attempt to buy the full version or what it would cost, until after you've entered your password. Who would ever do that? (PS. with "buy full" you're getting rid of ads and getting more level shapes than the default cuboid.)

It was interesting to see Apple's take on ads. The interstitial ad, that I used, is a full-screen ad that only shows on the iPad. With some games I enjoy having a break with the full-screen ad. Especially in dull games.

Half of the time, the level is rotating in the opposite way that you'd like it to move. And there is only the indirect way of rotating a level by cutting off a piece from the opposite side of the level. Who comes up with these things, huh?

Somehow I feel I have explained the goal of the game well enough: reduce the level's volume to 15% or less to finish the level.
I explained the goal of the game well enough. But the rest of the information printed on screen is hardly: noticed, visible, interesting, nor relevant.

Riding on giants
Hm. I meant midgets. I was inspired by the game Trap on Android and the game Addictive Balls on iOS. None of them are any good, and I wasn't even able to match any of them.

What next then? Maybe I'll celebrate. Eat a biscuit, for instance. I can soon buy those with all the money I'm makin'. Yeah - bitch!

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