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Not doing much, will however be porting my second C++ text book to Java during the vacation. I've decided to not put very much effort into it  not only because I think Java is the wrong way to go. I wrote these text books many years ago to make some extra cash originally, and perhaps to open the door to writing more interesting stuff.

Then I found out there was very little cash to be had (could have realized that right away, if I'd given Swedish high school text books any thought). So instead I used it to get jobs, a merit in my CV. Sounds a lot better than what it is to non-techies. And now I don't want to have another job before I make my game dev company stand on it's own two feet, so I just do it because I promised the publishing company I'd do it the last time I was looking for employment.

And today there's no need for "opening doors;" if you want to write, write. There's nothing standing in the way between you and a published book, except for you. For me, however, there is nothing tempting with writing books any more. This blog is plenty for now.

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