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Read and weep:

Jul 9, 2012 03:09 PM. From Apple.

We found that your app contains content that is defamatory or offensive that would be considered objectionable by many audiences, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
The attached screen shot:

Say what you will, but it's unquestionably true, statistically. The counter is increased once every 53 minutes. I find it sad that Apple censor my protest against executions in China, because it "would be considered objectionable". Fools that consider it objectionable either don't like statistical generalizations or consider any unfavorable fact objectionable. I know there's plenty of morons on the planet, I just hoped that most of the sane people and companies now would disregard their opinion. Cheers to Google who eventually withdrew from China!

If Apple think I'm mean-spirited by showing the image depicting a flag about to devour a protester, what does Apple think about Tibet?

I will rephrase the wording and try again, hoping the background image is not enough to cause more moral fatigue in Cupertino.

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