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Ever since the dinosaurs we've been heating the planet (one way or another), but I too believe that we soon are going to hit another, much harder limit to the current way we lead our lives. If you haven't taken the Crash Course already, do it now!

It's the best course I've ever taken, and it's only 3h 20min long. I looked at the videos over a period of several months, which worked excellent.

My second game isn't looking promising, steering-wise. First I had another idea as blogged earlier, but transformed it: I imagined a sort of Super Monkey Ball, but attached to chain so that you could wiggle back and forth to block out other balls from hitting some type of goal. But there are problems. Most of all the physics engine I use, ODE, isn't up for the task, it doesn't seem stable enough to simulate a chain in realtime. I did some tweaks and fixes, but even if I get it a whole lot better, I'm not sure it's going to be any fun. Right now it looks like I'm going to scrap the idea altogether. EPIC FAIL just like all my previous games?

Epic fail in another discipline

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