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Going Hard Rock!

I gave an unusual New Years promise 2012. I promised I'd start using snus. Thus far it's gone well, but I had a small dip just before finishing Kill Cutie. So now finally, after years of practise on and off "black smack", I'm starting to get addicted. But you can't call yourself a true 'snuser' unless you follow through with the truly vile stuff. So no more chicken shit tea bags (to the left):

Now, I'm going hard rock (to the right)!

Next app will be a free tiny game using iAd banners. Sort of an accelerometer-controlled magnet-attached-to-a-chain pulling things up when you tap, releasing when you release. And a monster. Or something like that, not really sure yet.

PS. Can't stop thinking about how well Coding Horror defined meetings at Volvo. If you've missed out, here it is:

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