Ventures of an ex indie game developer

I scrapped the old idea and picked another small one from the queue. It's already been done freely but poorly on the App Store before. I thought I'd scrap this idea too, but after testing a few of the clones out there (IMHO which sucked immensely) I decided to give it a try. This is where six hours of work got me:

I'll add some Ready, Set, GO! thingie and my high score functionality. And some background. Then release it, provided it works well enough on my ol' iPhone 3GS. The 3GS only has accelerator support and no gyro, so the game won't support it. Which isn't great, but nonetheless it will definitely suck less than my original magnet/elevator idea!

I also came up with an idea which I labelled "Soccer for Dummies" or "Scare-crow Soccer". Pretty much what it says, you're the goal keeping rag-doll and computer does the shooting. It should be almost as easy to implement, but will it be any good? Time will tell. Or not.

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