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SlimeBall waiting for review

The (well not my) first game submitted for testing for the App Store. Ahh, walking on sunshine. My web page is updated, ready for launch. :)

My last app, TeveSilen (utility app, helps rid you of zapping through Swedish television) has currently sold in 27 copies, of which perhaps eight, say ten, are friends of mine which buy it out of pity. Let's try to extrapolate on those figures for SlimeBall: it's ten times as ugly, but five times as addictive, the pissed-off factor is at least three times as high and if we count the song Tingaliin on endless repeat it's doomed to go up by a factor of two. And there is probably a factor 100 people waiting to buy. But then again, an amazingly bad version of Slime Volleyball, and like four other clones, are already on the App Store - some for free. Which is likely to piss people off in the wrong way by a factor 40 (I'm not entirely sure about that factor). This time I'm using price tire 1 instead of 2, which yields a factor five. I've also made a home page for the PC and Mac versions, which are free (and features a button which takes you to the App Store), and that should promote the iPhone version by a factor three. Therefore it follows that

(27-10) / 10 x 5 x 3 x 2 x 100 / 40 x 5 x 2 = 1912.5

persons will buy the app, counting both midgets and the rest of us non-circus people. Translates to 8434.125 SEK after Apple taxes and 10% music royalties to Grotesco, which should pay for about half of my work. Mustn't grumble, since I got most of (my whole?) engine ported to iOS.

For TeveSilen I tried submitting a free version (named TeveSilen Gott, as in "gratis är gott") to the App Store, but they where like "Noo, we're not taking that shit anymore"! Nowadays they want in-app purchases instead. While in-app purchase looked pretty simple to implement I invested my time elsewhere. Let the cheap fuckers rot! (Danged, just remembered I'm one of them.) I'll do the same this time over.

Now I'll invest some time in real vacation; no day-time job, no night-time job, the kids promised to sleep til noon... Besides, we'll probably have our hands full since we're moving from our current house to another one in a couple of weeks.

This autumn, and possibly the rest of my life, I'm going to try to only work a few hours here and there, and be very focused in actually shipping my vehicle toy game and whatever upcoming titles I... come up with. The previous goal was shipping the vehicle toy game before X-mas, but I'm pretty sure that's unrealistic. On the other hand I wouldn't be here if I was a realist anyway, would I? Both the cyber-me and mini-me would have given up in the initial race some thirty years ago, so fuck realism. I'm shippin' now! I'm shippin' for X-mas!... But first: ahhhhh...

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