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Vi kallar tanzen Blomman!

After a fantastic week's vocation visiting friends in Wärmeland, Uppsala and Stockholm I took a couple of all-nighters to nail the final stuff in the Slime Volleyball, which now is going to become SlimeBall, i.e. if it's free, since Slime Volleyball gets cut off on the iPhone. I just need an icon and I'm done... or so I think. (Thanks Simon for the great improvement with dual thumb steering!) Controls aren't 100%, but I don't think they can be in a fast-paced sports game without tactile feedback.

I'll run it for a couple of days before I post it on the app store, but I'll probably loose my Mac and iPhone in a week or so, since both are work-related and I'm going on a long vocation+pappaledighet before starting some new job. I also want a port to the iPad in place, even though those controls are going to suck slightly more. I'm going to leave the two-player mode in there on the iPhone version, but you'd have to be deranged in both head and fingers to play 2P on such a small screen.

Never ceases to amaze me how long time stuff takes. Last few days, after everything was “done”, I
  • added two player game support,
  • changed touch controls to use two fingers instead of one,
  • added buttons, plus layout (for platforms with window resizing), and made adaptations in the game control flow,
  • fixed a couple of bugs in the juckie GUI code (it’s thoroughly filled with cut’n’paste code that is never used nor tested not to mention the GUI looks like crap; I didn’t write the code and resent it badly),
  • fixed proper screen orientation for GUI which took place in GL (graphics) and game code (touch+graphics), added an easier AI level for da n00bs (required a bit of tweaking and tinkering),
  • fixed a bug on Mac where the OS requires you to not have a full keyboard buffer or stalling will occur,
  • etc.........

It's always more than you think, but now I'm finally at beta minus icon. Hammertime!

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