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Framework vs. Components

There's frameworks, then there's toolkits and then there are components. Some parts of my game engine was built like a framework, sorta like "ifI build it like this, it's impossible to misuse it". Who was I kidding, and who the fuck was I building for? I'm building it for my fuckin self!

Toolkids are a step down on the ladder, they're smaller and usually doesn't force you into patterns, just into access. I use toolkits to separate GUI stuff (which goes into clients) and non-gui libs (which I probably can compile+run on any Posix system without any work). I like toolkits for this reason, they force me to not accidentally use stuff that I shouldn't touch, or linker errors ensue.

Components are the royal jewel of code though. They can be used as you want when you want it.

My friend and boss often tell me to "implement this type of framework", which just as often sends shivers down my spine. Although we often joke about that, I still think it's very important to make the distinction and to use it to your advantage. Even though some frameworks (such as Django) are incredibly well-written and works amazingly well, I've spent too much time thinking out, mending and developing rubbish frameworks to entertain the idea that a framework could be "perfect if you analyze and design it properly". People use the same reasoning to support agile rather than waterfall, but I'm looking forward to the day when a programming bible arrives which establishes that as a known fact.

Today is my last day at this job. Hopefully I'll find something fun to do after my vacation, let me know anybody who needs a tired programmer.

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