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This is what the controls are going to be like, sorta:

(if you can tell behind the free version banner taking up most of the space). I still hugely suck, but touch controls are actually better than keyboard dittos in some ways, since I increased the accuracy by removing the minimum movement step a human slime can do.

Got reply from Grotesco comedy crew as well, they said it's OK to use their song as long as they get some royalty if I'm going to sell it. So the free versions for PC and Mac will be free for all, and the iOS versions will cost me some. I suggested 10 %, but I have no idea of what's fair or common. It's a theoretical discussion though I guess, but you never know.

Now I'll step away from porting for a few days and add two player game support, create the UI, add streaming mp3 capabilities, mash some icons and startup pngs together and so on and so forth. Within a couple of weeks the game should be on my webpage and on the AppStore. From what I could tell, some people were actually asking for someone to port it on some forums. If all of them are unwilling to pay up, it's going to be no fun. I'm optimistic though, as it has some traits that might make it a hit.

If it doesn't sell, it's probably going to be due to lack of (or amazingly ugly) graphics. One the one hand. On the other, it might actually make it stick out. I always get pissed off when people make simple games and earn big bucks, so I've been thinking maybe there's a pissedoffability-factor involved. If I can make people even more pissed off with SlimeBall, I might have a chance! :)

This new year's I said that 2011 was going to be a great year for us, and so far it's been fantastic! The house is sold, we're looking for another one; the car was stolen but we bought a better one for the insurance money we got; my girlfriend got a new job (she hated her previous one); and my (oh well, the) first AppStore game is going to be released! I'm going to try to make every year this good from now on.

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