Ventures of an ex indie game developer

Mission to M'arse

I got stuck on a totally idiotic mission to slightly improve the Maya importer in order to ensure that the whole import process would require no manual steps at all. My conclusion after two nights without sleep is to leave that tiny manual step to the modeler. Trial and epic fail - YEAH!

Apart from that I’ve been moving the in-game logic over to the server side and made a few tweaks here and there. I also had to improve the logging filters to be able to gather more information on why some in-game rule objects were misbehaving. Oh, and I started adding spawn areas for various stuff which are imported into the game (but not yet used). Most of this could be said to belong to the engine rather than the game. I didn’t foresee the need of these, but when they’re done I’ll go straight to content again.

Content-wise I made a few small things already. I’m meeting with a deadline in two days... I’ll keep this blog posted.

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