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Vocation's over!

I took one week of "vocation" and another one socializing, planning and executing a bachelor party and being ill. Yesterday I fixed (motor) sound configurability, and dropped the previously hard-coded stuff.

Each vehicle gets three settings each for pitch, volume and intensity: exponent, low and high value. The exponent is used on the motor "activity" which rage from zero to one. Then I linear interpolate the resulting value between low and high. Pitch and volume are obvious, but the intensity I haven't really figured out yet. What I want from it is that if you put the pedal to the metal, you'll get a more hollow sound. Ideally, you'd be able to hear the slurping from the engine. :)

Since there's always holes to fill, I also spent a couple of hours trying to get the elevators to behave. Elevators are constructed from slider joints and they had some problems when full force was applied to the physical elevator when close to an end-point of the slider joint.

But generally things are comming together. Apart from minor features, this means the game engine is finished (for now). I'll start making a vertical cut through the game and implement at least two of each thing, then try it out. Hope it gets more fun to play with content! All content I make from now on will be intended for production, testing is over. It will be very interesting to see exactly how much is missing from the engine, as I expect to find a lot of loopholes when digging in for real.

Some of the things I know I'm going to make very lame, or extremely lame, are:
  • Networking (lossless UDP protocol is a pain)
  • Chatting is cut out, since networking is going to suck
  • Menus/controls for setting up advanced input devices
  • Access violation/program crash recovery
I'm really looking forward to making a game now, I've spent such enormous amounts of time on the game engine for years now that this feels like a big leap forward for me. I'm also curious to see if I can produce fun content. It's not as easy as it looks, and it looks far from easy. Vocation's over!

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