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Today I didn’t eat. According to Wikipedia (and the FAO), starvation impacts lives of billion people, one in six. Half of the children that die do it from malnutrition. Me being slightly hungry does of course not affect that in any way at all, but gave me an opportunity to think about what I should do. The ol’ brain was muddier than normal - lacking the normal constant energy input - but it helped to pick up the topic a few times when my mind otherwise would have slipped into nothingness. Everything that allows for diversions from 1st world problems, mortgages, house warming parties, lumbago, career advancements, burglars and so forth, is a good thing if you ask me. How many of the one thousand million people starving devote any thought to H1N1?

But thinking is not enough. Neither is saying. What have you done lately (apart from the monthly $10 to Save the Children)? If you feel like your actions/donations are long over due, what better time than now?

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