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Poking 'round the bush

I just finished my last two major features required to make the game: spawn engines and “mass objects” (such as bushes or flowers). As of now, I only use the spawn engines to create some physics toys in random positions; but just as I had hoped the flowers add a sense of direction and speed (thereby making it a lot easier to fly the chopper).

And yes, I will add some crashing noise when I detect heavy metal collisions.

Each “plant” is placed on the terrain using the mesh/ray collision code of physics engine, each size and direction randomized and batched into a grid. I use a 7x7 grid here, and fade batches depending on distance. Each batch is generated using a pseudo-random seed that is created from the grid position.

Now it’s time for sleep and proper vocation. No more all-nighters for a few weeks - yum!

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