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Aromatic textures

Yesterday my girlfriend cooked a garam masala curry to die for. Today I therefore crowned myself “Count Flatula” when nearly killing my family. My four-year-old wouldn’t even allow me into his room. I also spent four hours splitting wood. (Arghhh!) Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, including both my proctologic cunnings as well as my lumberjack ambitions.

I also import textures from Maya now. Here’s a sample of what’s going to be a vehicle selection menu:

Texture import includes, but is not limited to, shader settings. Such as blending on/off. It’s not going to challenge Pixar any time soon, but tech is getting closer to finished:

I’ll do similar things with imports of sound settings in terms of volume, min/max pitch, reverb related to engines, collision/friction triggers, yadda yadda. When that’s done, I only have bug fixing, game programming and content left. Only. Count Flatula out.

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