Ventures of an ex indie game developer

Rubbing + wax on, wax off

Last few days have been spent not on texturing but on polishing up stuff:
  • 2D GUI buttons will use 3D objects for rendering, and previously the movement of these 3D objects could become jerky and their movement speed were not FPS-independent. Now that's taken care of.
  • There was a crash bug in Windows 7 in the OpenAL third-party sound library which I fixed.
  • Made some minor CPU/RAM optimizations.
  • Improving profiling tools somewhat.
  • I have a console to control things through, much like the good ol Quake console. Forking threads where previously allowed to leak, I fixed that.
  • Added various settings, such as font face and height, to the console.
  • Client no longer runs a local server if connecting to a remote server.
  • Made server poll sockets for inbound network data and process the outbound data ever now and than during each frame, instead of just sleeping to reduce ping times. Added a simple networking algorithm for removing physics jerks (probably only in low-latency situations, haven't dared pushing it yet :).
  • And so on, and so forth.

When people talk about how long time it takes to make a solid engine, I guess this is it. The engine has a lot of advanced concepts which are not used by this, my first, game, but for which I pay dearly. I really have to put all these features to good use some time in the future...

Now, however, I feel prepared to fix texture-mapping imports. After that I'll add sound inputs, and then I hope the engine will be done, and from that point on I'll focus on creating content, polishing it and creating a web site for the launch.

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