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A vision for the future of programming languages

New languages and technologies are constantly overflowing us programmers. Most of them adding a little to what came before, there are no quantum leaps being made afaik. From event-driven P from Microsoft, to ownership-performant Rust, to scalable and syntax-minimalistic Elixir, to almost-adopted like Go and platform-centric like Swift for Crapple.

The quantum leap needs to take us from bottom-up, details-first programming to top-down overview-first programming. We should develop programs the same way we paint, sculpt, write books, build houses: top down. We start with a fluffy idea and fill in the details. When building the house we don't start with the carpet fibers for a good reason, but we still do when building programs.

Think composable libraries and IDE-plugins combined to allow control with fuzzy commands. Think voice-controlled. Then everyone can become a programmer. An unclear example might clarify:
[Use nature module.]
Show a polar bear.
Visible from the side.
The other side.
At 50 meters distance.
It is pacing slowly.
It is gloomy and snowing.
The fur should be brighter.
It is a mother. Add a cub walking behind it.
Back up.
The mother is lifting her head and looking into the camera for a second.
Back up. Stop.
This is the start of the sequence.
This is the end of the sequence.
Humans may be too dumb to produce this type of quality as it stands, but this is the direction we must go to in the future to really scale up. Not towards Rust. Bah! Rust is just another carpet. I want to build a house!

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