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Nature as a game

I love nature, especially the Nordic flora and fauna, and for some time now I've been thinking about creating a non-realtime nature renderer. Perhaps I'll create something like the Trabant tool, but wrapping OpenGL instead of a game engine. The idea is to be able to generate a relistic scene of nature in less than a minute on iPhone 6-equivalent hardware.

I have no clue about the feasability of such an undertaking, but if it works it may form the basis of a modern text adventure. Such a game concept would be totally unique, and would probably sell.

"Grass" by suvakas.

I expect my book writing to take another year, progress is a lot slower when writing a controversial science book than a programming text book (which pretty much is doable in a couple of weeks). But after the book is done I might give it a go unless someone already did it by then.

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