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Heehehehe... eh... Yesternight I had a bit of an adventure with my 4-year-old daughter. Pretty late we went cycling (i.e. me pedaling, her sitting in the child seat); first examining some roads I wanted to know where they lead, then to visit my grandparents-in-law. On the way home I decided we should check out an alternative route home. Not a smart move, considering I always go all in when it comes to indie. I got lost in the forest, after some time I had to drag the bike over logs and rubble. Eventually she had to get out, she was cold and needed to move, and I wasn't able push the bike through the dense terrain with her sitting on it. It was close to midnight, and if not completely pitch-black, it was at least as dark as it gets at 58°N during night. No lights. No phone. My poor daughter crying and stumbling through the forest some four hours or so after bed-time. Hehe, yeah...

I eventually found a road to take us out of there. After 5 km of cycling on a gravel road in darkness we found a house, rang the bell, explained to the lady, used the phone to call home and inform my significant other that we were alive, borrowed a headlamp and went on our way. I thought I recognized where I was (I mistakenly assumed it was close to an area I had trekked through a year ago), so got lost again (10 km detour through the forest) but wasn't so dumb as to not turn back to the more promising road this time. When we after 20 km of dirt road biking finally came out on a highway I recognized, my daughter had fallen asleep and I had yet another 30 km to go.

  • Distance: 80 km (including 5 km child darkness trekking)
  • Time: 19:30 to 01:40
  • Category: Trial and Epic Fail Adventure
  • Will repeat with four-year-old daughter: NO WAY!

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