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Idea of greatness when digging in

Usually when I come up with a game concept, and let the others fade away while focusing on the next thing, I start seeing cracks, problems and bottlenecks. And once I start implementing all hell breaks loose and I realize what a dumb idea this was from the beginning and how crippled my mind is when it comes to thinking. Well, I haven't started implementing yet, but as far as I can tell right now, only the controls may cause a problem. But for once I'll explore controls, not refine them. And I can really see this game being a great casual game, if there is such a thing.

Apart from being free in the evenings as I'm not currently working on a game (which is awesome!), a lot of good stuff is going on in my life. My day-job at H&M is pretty darn good: everybody's happy; nobody's whining; common sense trumps rules; coffee break is as important as work; half of my co-workers are women; quality over quantity. If I'd ever come to the horrid conclusion that I should employ people, this is the way to go! Day before yesterday I met a Polish guy who's been commuting bi-weekly from Nice, France for 18 years! That, if something, tells you it's a good place to work.

What else... I fiddle with the garden. Finally finished the last stuff on the garden shed. We're building decking; we Swedes love our fat deckings. I jog. I'm really happy to finally be exercising after ten years of not. We've been refurbishing here and there in the house. The family is good, and everybody's in good health. Summer came one month early this year in Sweden (that type of climate change we can tackle, for now).

I might not go back to ever making games again, as things are so convivial when I choose not to. Pfffffthahahahaha! [A]s a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery, so why would I ever want to stay in this irresistibly gay state of mind. I mean, who wants to be gay anyway? Must be such hard work with all that fucking fucking.

I'll tune out with a small tip. A week ago or so I read this sparklingly brilliant 22-year-old rant about how it's like for westerners to learn Mandarin. It's a must read if you're fond of languages and want to shed a couple of tears of joy.

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