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Relaxed -> tense

Had a super-long vacation, a bit too long. Physician removed naevus on my back. Landed a day-job, end of vacation. Went jogging for the first time in a week after surgery - felt great!

The last two days I've gotten back to game development. In all there will be 14 levels in "HeliForce". Of those 14, 10 are currently completed. Or almost completed; I'll probably try to add some more contents to some of the levels to avoid the super-stiff sensation of rigid body simulation, but I won't spend days on artsy stuff. I'm no da Vinci. The missing levels are "take the boat to the big city", "the tunnel into the evening mountain", "the shooter beneath the huge cliff" and "the bouncing dinosaur/candy cane pillar/circus tent level". None of these should be rocket science, plus I'm expecting no more than one evening of programming to finish those off.

After that it's the menu (the usual: pause/resume, level picking, pilot name, high score, difficulty and so forth). I'll make it better than Kill Cutie this time around, but I won't waste any time there either. What else... I'll compose some good background imagery for the skybox. Then there's the ambient sound and music; music I'll rip from some free site I found, sound I'll try and find in After that I should be done.

So perhaps 15 evenings, times two to get calendar days. So let's set the release date to

Last time I would have held a first game release party, but my father-in-law died and we weren't up for it. This time it's going to be better. I would have booked a huge place with a sauna if I knew in advance, but planning has never been my strong side. Ah well, as long as I get to have looong vacations, who needs planning?

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