Ventures of an ex indie game developer


Today was my last day on my current contract dayjob at Volvo. I sure won't miss it, but they pay is a different matter. Next week I'll spend three days with indie game dev as my dayjob. Without pay, sure, but full time and I get to try to concentrate during day on my hobbywork. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm not building levels as I should, actually I've just built five prototype levels. Procrastination and the lizard brain, I guess, as I'm only making things worse for myself. This means I have to build all say 40 levels in a row, without much programming intermission. Gaaah! Human dumb! Currently I'm optimizing a bit, apart from third party code (sound and physics engine on the PC), these are my worst offenders before optimizing:

The timer you might wonder. Yeah, I'm doing system calls all over, easy to fix. The shadow volumes I'll have to rewrite and the vector/quaternion stuff I can probably manage at a higher level by not calling or precalculating.

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