Ventures of an ex indie game developer

Optimization done

After some straightforward optimization I gained a factor ~two in my worst offender, resulting in less use of the three math functions. I also fixed the timer in all my games (Slime Volleyball, Kill Cutie, "HeliForce", and four work-in-progress-never-to-be-finished games).

The shadow map generation is now down to 5.5% of my total CPU usage (debug build on PC). I don't know much about rendering but I do know it's not an optimal way to render shadows, but it will have to do for now. And I think they look pretty good as well, win some lose some.

Now I'll start building some levels. There are more stuff I could do, for instance I want the standard "vehicle damage smoke" to billow upwards unless the chopper's rotor downstream is nearby. Folks will say "Oh wow what a dynamic game, even the smoke is interactive, this is great!", and "I need to tell everyone I know to buy this!" and so forth. At least that's my plan. Or is it?

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