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When I finished refactoring, I realized that usually when I think I'm done there's some pieces missing, so I decided to port Push to iOS. Just to make sure. And the skeletons in the Kill Cutie closet started piling up fast. In Kill Cutie I did all things in the application code, but I don't want to do that any more, I want the engine to handle it for me so I can concentrate on making games. But small stuff for an application soon grow for an engine; as there are classes for 2D and 3D rendering, they both had to knew a bit about clipping, viewports and device native orientation (for split-screen rendering), as the OpenGL orientation on an iPhone is portrait, but on computers it's landscape. Touch input is also transposed. And then of couse you can turn the whole thing upside down. Currently it only runs on the iPhone Simulator, seems to be some trouble with the network code. Might be that some internal firewall is blocking localhost (server is always running, even in single player).

Ah, just found the problem while writing this. Host name resolution doesn't work the same way on iPhone.

Just have this network problem and a few split-screen tweaks to do before I'm satisfied. Saw notch is working on a Quake-style game too. Hope that will hausse the whole genre once again, but suspect it will not.

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