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I'm done refactoring. It was hard work rippin' apart the Push application specifics and the engine functionality. Push contains the basics of what I want to do in the next few games, so the things I left in the engine are stuff I want to reuse, which I anticipate will save me a lot of time, such as multiplayer support, split screen layout and handling, managing of options, console, "mass objects" (i.e. many small rendered objects which are handled separately for optimization, grass, flowers, bushes and the like), spawners, triggers, and so forth.

I foresee multiplayer support between split screen players on iPad (up to two players), PC and Mac (up to four players) and iPhone (one player over WiFi). I won't limit the number of players, but the server administrator can. In theory it would be possible to play a hundred people on a dedicated server, if the connection and hardware is fairly good. System requirements for a normal-sized server won't be very high, as I think it's pretty optimized. Will be fun to test with nine simultaneous players in my house alone, have never tried a game which can do that. Hehe, when the game is done I'll throw a release party and everybody who brings their touch device can play against each other. Mm-mm, something to look forward to!

Since I'm going to keep on supporting multiple formats - PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad - I want to generalize the joystick-like controls on touch devices to some extent too. Nothing fancy, it's just that I spent a lot of time hacking away at the controls for Kill Cutie and I don't want to repeat the mistake. After that a short break, and then!

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