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MAD, I tell you

I had this crazy idea to use genitals as obstacles in the last level... which I actually seriously thought about for a couple of days. Fortunately, I settled with a more traditional level design in the 11th hour: some ice and snow, and a bully "robot" who tries to mess up Cutie's smooth ride. It's in no way fantastic, but I'll settle with what I've got now, just to get it out there.

I'm still missing a tutorial voice-over, which my fiancé graciously agreed to do. And then I'll do the last two terrain textures. What else... oh, I'll have to tweak the levels some, to try and balance all Cutie's possible routes in the three levels. Some are shorter and faster, but should then be more risky – which they currently are not. At least the risk I add this time will not be one of penetration...

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