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Vehicle AI travels by elevator

So now the basics of level 2 is done as well as the vehicle AI improvements, so it's now able to get on an elevator and get off when it's time. This is all taking me a lot longer than I thought it would, so no surprises there. Here's a list of the vehicle AI states.
  • FLEE
As usual, you'd probably think of perhaps a third of the states off the top of your head. But I don't think I'm going to need any more for the last level, currently I'm thinking of some type of labyrinth.

I realized that Kill Cutie is very different from most games in that it has very little else than pure physics (and high score). No nice audiovisual effects, no "rewards", no temporary goals, no other way of scoring than physically, no other way of moving than physically = no teleporters. No voice-over to cheer you on. It's extremely stripped down. A bit like an old-school board game, but in simulation. Which makes the game extremely boring. Heheeeh... even I find it amazing that I'm actually going ahead and investing more work in it, but now I'll follow through.

One thing I was told very early in my professional career, by a very smart CTO, was that it's the persistent ones that succeed, not the smart ones. I quickly realized that was true (and if I hadn't believed him, there's always this other guy who realized the same thing), and now I'll do just that with my first game. Ahhh, feels nice actually!

But I can tell you that for my next game, it will be either short and plentiful of learning for me, or it will be rich in details that makes video games video games and not board games. First, though, I'm aching for time off. Soon...

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