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I'm going to mention Avaaz in the credits section, and that's going to be the only political statement of this game. Here's an excerpt from the latest e-mail I received from them:

Many of those incredible activists have not survived the week.

Abu Hanin is one of the heroes. He’s 26, a poet, and when his community needed him, he took the lead in organizing the citizen journalists that Avaaz has supported to help the voices of Syrians reach the world. The last contact with Abu Hanin was on Thursday, as regime troops closed in on his location. He read his last will and testament to the Avaaz team in Beirut, and told us where he had buried the bodies of the two western journalists killed in the shelling.

Incredible courageous and very disturbing. What disturbs me the most is the power vacuum under the cunt Assad. If, or rather when, the people decapitate the son of a bitch, half a dozen rebel groups are going to fight each other, resulting in even greater collateral damage. Everyone hopes that the lives lost haven't been in vain. Insha'Allah.

In the western world my icons are done. They look like shit, and each would have its own style (indeliberately), if they even would have had anything that could be called style. It's that bad. But still better than Syria.

Now I'll make level 2. Then I need to add AI driving behavior to manage going on the elevators. Then I'll do level 3. Then I'll ship!

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