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I'm no painter...

... in case you hadn't noticed. I just started adding content to the game, since the logic and tweaks are done for now. I figured I'd start by adding eye lashes to Cutie in an attempt to make her cute. Didn't turn out:

... so I'll skip that. Hm. I'll do the in-game icons instead. Hope I can do better with that. I need four icons for the main menu (1P, 2P, high score and credits), four for the levels (tutorial, "Pendulum", "Elevate" and "RoboCastle"), four for the vehicles ("Cutie", "Hardie", "Speedie" and "Sleepie"), and another three to four for navigation (back, resume, restart and quit). I'll just do them in the old iPhone resolution, 57x57. It's going to take me forever! Gaaah...

The application icon I did before, and I'm pretty happy with it -- since you can actually see what it is in 57x57 resolution:

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