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World Championship

I've lost it again. Earlier I thought I'd skip implementing a global high score list, but it's much too addictive, I just have to do it. You see, I accidentally ran into this simple game and immediately realized that the high score list was the only thing keeping me there for five minutes. Plus I want to be World Champion, and since I'm The Maker I should be entitled to the title. Of course all users will hate the cryptic algorithm I use to score them. I'll have to weigh in computer difficulty, total time, damage done and keep unique high score lists for each combination of vehicle and level. That leaves me with 12 or perhaps 16 high score lists. So there can be at most 16 World Champions. Hopefully a lot of people want to compete about pole position. It's just too bad about the steering, but now I'll have think of something. Implementing all this tech, then throwing it all away on lousy controls...

This is how I forsee the pricing. I'll charge extra for getting write access to the global high score list. Reading will be free and read/write to the local one will be free. App w/ one car and one level - free, get three more cars - tire 1, get two (or three) more levels - tire 1, get write access to global high score - tire 2. I'll let people buy their way into better chances of getting a good high score.

Mmmpf... I just added a couple of months to this project, didn't I? Don't shoot the implementer.

On the other hand, I'll just re-use the tech for my next project. Next game is going to be very small and totally free - some type of gyro/accelerometer game for iOS only, I'll do it as a test mainly to see how many downloads it gets. I'm currently selling around one app per day. Which I could have bought four chewing gums for each day if chewing gum prices would have stayed the same as when I was a kid. Maybe this game could land me 10 purchases per day for a few months. That would get me almost a lunch per week... Mm mm! Almost lunch...

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