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Packed, moved, fixed the plumbing, fixed the heating, unpacked... about 10% of our stuff. Never realized we owned this much junk. During packing I piloted some of my idea on PC. It probably could become a fun game, but I foresee some graphical programming if it's going to be anything but rubbish. First I'll have to unpack the Mac to be able to try out the pilot on iOS, just to make sure ODE and my rendering works.

Just now I added another AI ("level") for single player Slime Volleyball for iPhone/iPad. I still needed to patch the game, since a bug made it impossible to retry the last level. Also, Psycho Slime was too easy for me eventually, so I wanted some competition. This is actually the first time I play a casual game on a regular basis -- too bad I didn't come up with the idea in the first place.

I sold about 70 copies of Slime Volleyball in July, which means I only have some 1842.5 left to sell to reach my goal. Every now and then someone buys Tevesilen, but I'd guess it's less than 15 purchases per month. I do get some feature requests for it though. Not gonna happen, ask me.

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