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Demo playback

Just added vehicle steering recording and playback. Must have been doing something right, since the code injection took me 1.5 hours to complete. Thinking of using the playback as a backdrop for the menus and the "full version teaser" end-screen.

My game engine transfers input data in four steps until it reaches the physical motors: user inputs -> output slots -> engines -> physical motors. The "user inputs" are plain key strokes, game pad joystick moves, etc. The "output slots" are named stuff like "forward", "tilt left", "hand break", etc. "Engines" are mainly a mapping from output slots to “physical motors”, and “physical motors” are stuff like "front-left wheel steering force" or "tail rotor angular acceleration force".

The code injection happened in the output slots, without dependencies on what user inputs are used or what underlying physical constructs there are in the vehicle. The “engines” code operate independently of frame-rate, so the same recording will work just fine on any platform. I suspect the algorithm will work equally well on non-vehicles.

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