Ventures of an ex indie game developer


Here is a clip showing the doppler effect when the left split-screen helicopter passes the blue hovercraft on the right side of the screen. Unfortunately I fly badly and flew to high, so it’s not visible the right part of the screen at all.

You'll have to excuse the lousy sample. It's me barking (yep), pitched up somewhat.

What else? Oh yeah, our house is alive and kicking again, unfortunately. It settled just enough to let us breath and go “hmmm… was it all a dream?”, but now it’s back again. This time over we might have to file suit, which is going to cost time, energy and not the least money. Gaaaah!

If I have any time at all in the coming weeks/months/years to come, I’ll start with importing UVs/textures from Maya and implementing the necessities for getting texture mapping up and running.

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