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Yesterday I spent trying to port my code to Mac. Although time well spent, it was more of a hazzle than I first thought. Core services here, shared static linking there. Running 32-bit kernel in 64-bit environment here, non-posix compliance there.

However dull this might sound to you, it was… different to PHP by far. You see, I’m probably going to be employed as a consultant, doing PHP the next few months. Last few days I've poked around with the language, trying to make a sample, while at the same time keeping my nose tucked into Google searches on the topic. To anybody who’s ever used Rails or Django, PHP looks like it not worth the cyber fabric it’s made of.

Another thing that sticks out about PHP is that, as you learn more on a certain technology it becomes more interesting. This is probably the first time I experienced the opposite ("get away from the madness as fast as possible!"). See for yourself:

$x = "a string";
if ($x == 666) {
$x = 1;
echo 'foo: ' . $x+1 . ' bar';

1 bar

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