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Croutching parasite, hidden developer

Game-dev wise, I've been extremely sloppy as of late. On the up side of things I've decided to not sell my soul to the consultancy devil and instead go all in on an arbetsmarknadsåtgärd at an acquaintance’ company. The praktikplats is probably only for a few months, at the end of which I’ll hopefully become a happy sod with great colleagues, a title and entrepreneurial assignments. This sounds like a lifetime opportunity to me, but to my other significant and parents loosing my income insurance (covering 80 % of my previous income during unemployment, meaning 8,000 SEK less a month) for a few months plus the risk of the company going bankrupt is not worth it by far.

Thus, unfortunately, I’ve spent my time arguing about social actions while repainting a room in the house instead of developing a game. But today I heard an explanation on why I enjoy developing games and doing fun stuff more than the treadmill: the male sex probably developed as a parasite. When you think about it, it doesn’t really sound that far fetched, does it? Enjoy life, do fun stuff, reproduce. No one likes a parasite, but I guess most people would rather be a parasite than a parasite-infected host.

Therefore I think I’ll round the evening off by modeling some kinda vehicle in Maya, after that I’ll practice my RC helicopter skills in X-plane and lastly play a game of Operation Flashpoint 2. Ahhh, I’m the perfect wart!

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