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New Rich: First Run

I had to implement a whole bunch of stuff which I hadn't anticipated. I still haven't executed a full 24-hour cycle due to the poor quality of the code where off-by-one-index-out-of-bounds lead to crashes. A bit disappointing since I estimate I've spent around 100 hours getting things running.

Time zones, daylight savings, varying closing times, etc. are my main headaches, and when I have the time I'll refactor and write some delicate unit tests which should remedy most of this cwap.

The best feature of Hasselhof ("I've been looking for freedom") is that I'm able to simulate runs from historic data. That way I can check what algorithms works best over time and I've implemented genetic and mutating algorithms to help me along.

This first version is not really a robot yet, it only gathers the information on what stock to invest in and sends them in a daily e-mail digest to me and an interested colleague. When it looks promising (and when the unit tests are done) I'll need two more features:
  • calculate factual profit (selling price - buying price - commission?), alternative facts are not advantageous;
  • add automated buying and selling.
Then it's time to pitch in a few dahlarrzz.

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