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Hao 2 git rich fast

I've been up to no good for too long. While I spent years making shitty games and a stupid game engine at the cost of immense sleep deprivation, relationships and elimination of spare time, a colleague/competitor instead make a good game (and no game engine, surprise!). Obviously he's a lot smarter than I am. Since then he's dug into stock trading, as have so many programmers in the past. Now it's my turn, I neither have time, energy nor finances to build games. So I'll just get rich on algorithmic stock trading myself, even though I think it's just a horrible way to make money as it doesn't contribute to society one bit. But as long as the system's there I'm going to use it for my benefit. Game-wise I'll just let my Apple account expire. My next game will be a computer/console only, my patience has grown extremely thin with casual gaming, touch interfaces and Apple, all of which I loath.

In pursuit of my trading robot, I've gone through the hassle of building some components and an application in Python. From scratch, of course - reinventing the wheel is my cup of tea (otherwise I could have just taken the 100 lines required). It's taken me 20 hours or around there. Now I'll start working on algorithms, the fun part.

I've never been very interested in being rich until now, so this change has taken me aback. I guess I'm mostly tired of shitty jobs with incompetent management. And also I'd like to ensure two things: that I can work on whatever I want, and that I can go on vacation whenever and wherever I want. And although I dislike cars in general, I've become infatuated with Tesla, so I'll get a model S. And pay the mortgage. And refurbish the house. And donate to charitable causes. That kinda shit that the middle class gets off on.

Without knowing jack about trading I'm hoping for a 300%+ yield with a Sharpe ratio of 3+. Will let you know what yields and risk I can push my algorithms into.

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