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Distant encounter

Today the whole family and my mother in law was out in the forest picking chanterelles. Suddenly overhead we heard a whizzing sound moving from NW towards SE. It sounded a bit like a kite, but without flapping plastic. We couldn't see anything but the sound traveled slowly at approximately 50 km/h, possibly 50 meters above ground, I can only guess of course. 10-15 seconds later we heard another object oncoming object in the distance, say three seconds before it was straight above us. It followed the same path, making the same sound, but we could see nothing. There was some tree canopy, but not a whole lot. Both sounds were audible about 6 seconds, and all five of us heard it. What could it have been?
  • Two drones? Possible, but not very probable. The whizzing overhead noise sounded like constant air turbulence to me, there was no sound of motors and no rotor turbulence. Also who would make two drones follow the same path? If the purpose is photography that redundancy sounds expensive. (There was no time to for a single drone to go around for a second sweep.)
  • Two fighter jets? Out of the question; no motor sound, too slow, invisible.
  • Two gliders? Too much wind turbulence, too low altitude (no landing strip near the woods), not visible.
  • Rockets? Out of the question, only wind turbulence and no rocket motor audible, too slow.
  • Two birds of pray? I doubt that birds of pray could ever make so much turbulence that they'd be audible from 200 meters away.
  • Meteorites? Fast meteorites hit the ground instantly with a bang. Slow meteorites don't travel sideways.
  • Projectiles? Perhaps some kid shooting into the woods? Too much wind turbulence for a pellet, too slow speed, too fast reloading time.
UFO it izz.

Game-wise I made a Crossy Road prototype in Trabant day before yesterday. Today I might make an Agario prototype. Trabant is fun!

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