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Sleepless in Floda

Tossed and turned, woke up early, couldn't go back to sleep. Realized my decision yesterday was wrong. Came up with a new plan:
  1. Release a couple of my games on Debian.
  2. Open source my code, put it on Github. Nobody cares anyway. Compared to Unreal Engine 4, and that's what I and most others compare to, it's crap anyway. Apart from it's very specific 3D physics domain, it's useless. And frankly I think it's useless to everyone else anyway, as the design suffers from organic growth without refactoring. And I'm not going to fix it any time soon.
  3. Release Trabant for Ubuntu, using .deb packaging. Don't know what, how or why.
  4. Co-create some actual games with my kiddies using Trabant. I'll need to make some additions to the API to be able to supply content such as sounds, music and what not. I'll attempt to release the good ones on App Store. If I'm able to reach the fidelity required by Apple, we could mass produce games! As long as the kiddies find it fun this could be a blast!
  5. Create the great game that I've been building up to for so long. My currently best idea is a massive multiplayer online GTA2-tank-style game (minus the walking sprites) where you earn money as you blow up opponents and loose money when you get hurt. The money is used to build bigger+better tanks. I'll prototype the whole thing in Trabant until it rocks. If it doesn't I'll scrap the idea - if it does I might build the whole thing in Trabant.
  6. Sell/educate about Trabant, Python and/or the importance of game prototyping. This would be really fun to do part-time, hopefully yielding some extra dough.

This feels like a much better plan, and even though it's going to take a little bit longer to realize it's definitely going to be worth it. It will to some extent relieve my pain of having wasted so many years building a useless game engine, regardless of the result. If the engine fails me, so be it. At least this way, I'd have put it to the trial-and-epic fail test. That makes all the difference to me.

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