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I'm shipping!!!

Ok, maybe not just yet. But soon - very soon. My Flappy Bird "clone", Flappy Ufo, was moved to strike. It was too ugly, too depressingly bad. My first action+adventure game I wrote 24 years ago had a more interesting menu that this whole game. Finally I realized that near-infinite possibilities for improvement is not what I'm aiming for.

My 140-bullet todo list is almost done. Most of the things on the list were small and fun like "tap/slide velocity [api]", "add sloppy [soft] joystick setting", "cam follow target", "Quake". Only a few were more challenging and boring like "fix iOS screen orientation", "outline rendering for iOS" and "fix bug in explosions: one of the textures seems to be taken over by a letter 'P'!!!"

It's pretty amazing that this tool is made by following a todo list, but my five or so games could not be completed in that way. To me that proves that games are art and tools are not. Tools are 100% made with craftsmanship, but for games that figure is more like 80%.

Now only five things remain:
  1. iOS device needs allow/disallow/ban remote host that tries to sync prototypes and/or control simulator.
  2. Complete the iPad version (some controllers and stuff differ from the iPhone).
  3. Port remaining prototypes to iOS controls ( and needs alternative to kbd+mlook controls).
  4. Post game for App Store review.
  5. Create a web page for the PC version. I'll upload a bare-bones version for Mac for now.
OMG I'm looking forward to it!

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