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The simulation part of Trabant is now in Alpha! It took longer than I expected (as usual), and the outcome was better than expected (not as usual). Right now I'm building for iOS, and when that it's built and tested I'll treat myself to some time off.

After that I'll build a small "IDE" of sorts for the iPad, and try to reuse as much as possible for the iPhone version. The IDE will more or less be a text editor with Python syntax highlighting and possibility to load/save/reset the examples and the user's own source. And a play button for running a Python VM (in a thread), communicating with the simulator using sockets. And then a lot of details. Some security for the dreaded Apple guidelines. Done! :)

Right now I'll test pull this shit through the compiler sewer and when it hits the iPad accelerator fan I should be done. I'll run it the way most hardcore developers will: using the Python VM on a computer and running the simulator only on the iPad. All that's needed is a config file in ~/ with addr= or wahevah. Oooo! I see the compiler's done it's deed. Unfortunately the cat just did it's deed in the litter box next to me. Cats don't seem to take note on my fobia of feces. Let's just hope the iPad does.

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