Ventures of an ex indie game developer


My Flappy Bird clone, Flappy UFO" took 33 LoC, and I've done the 10 examples I wanted. They are the core of: Asteroids, Breakout, a 3D car sim, Flappy UFO, a 3D heli sim, Pacman, a 3D physics sandbox, Snake, Space Invaders and squash 3D (hrm...) The median is 31 LoC with a stddev of 9.5. Not too foul.

I'm not content though, since half of the games are extremely basic 2D arcade games, and the other half is what I reused from my toolbox. There are two more games I'd like to add, a grand finale if you will. First I'll try and see if I can squeeze in a trivial Tetris in 50 lines. If I can't do it in 60 I'll scrap the idea. Secondly I would love to make a Terminal Velocity with a 3D height field and... no enemies.

If I can't make it in 60 lines, that too won't make it. After that it's just the implementation left. Hehe...

I once was an employee of a company in the outskirts of the gaming industry. Let's call them MindArk. When I started they had whole a shelf with binders full of ideas which they had spent years to complete. They said to me "now all we need to do is to implement it." Gosh. Hope I'm not as much off the mark as they were. At least they (proudly) made this hilarious clip:

The girl behind the costume and the amazing voice-acting (which she insisted she deliver herself) is the daughter of a friend of the boss/owner at the time. She and Dr. Alban was a couple at the time. As you surely realize by now I practically ruled the Eurodance scene at time.

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