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My miniscule Haskell studies included a workshop which - although interesting - pointed out the all to familiar bottlenecks of sideshow programming languages: the tool chain. Although you can write a fairly advanced game in just a couple of k, it's the debugging that kills the language. Nobody wants to look into the call stack of a recursive language with pattern matching.

On the other hand, who doesn't want a complete OpenGL tree fractal in 32 lines of code? An example from the Gloss 2D library.

Main creates an "animating" window with a black background. Tree is created from a single stump in the lowest level (0), and by rotated, smaller, greener trees recursively down. It looks horrible, but would by horrible to do with that level of control in most languages. IVL it's great, IRL not so much. In this year-old video Carmack himself talk about Haskell:

I looked through the whole thing, and he too advocates strong typing, static typing and tooling. And immutability. Never spent much thought about immutability. Hm. He's right. I should aim for that in my refactoring. Thanks Carmack!

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