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Haskell and choice

I'm trying to broaden my linguistics ski11z, but the Haskell literature I've come across so far seems to assume the learning curve is very steep, and to some extent it is. My previous knowledge of Python's functional stuff helps, but I sure can't read real code. But it's kind of dull to read about the type system when it's only sprinkled with very little intriguing shit.

I decided, more or less, what I'm going to do instead of a Tetris clone. A vehicle MMOG! Hm. Building the networking code and infrastructure sure is going to suck, but tech is pretty much only what I've got going for me. I can't build a single player game with amazing content. Hm. Hm. You did see my bird, right. So networking, physics, MMO; that's probably the only way where I can create a game that will entice me and keep me coming back for more.

First I should build some prototype to ensure it's fun. If it is, and I'm pretty sure it is, I'll build the infrastructure. On the plus side, MMO it will allow the omnipresent wish for viral spread to grow.

Here's what I'm thinking at the moment:
  • Generated, infinite terrain; overflowing with caves and tunnels.
  • Vehicles; at least space ships. Possibly tanks. Think Terminal Velocity.
  • Vehicles can be configured in any way. Canons mounted.
  • No rules!!!
  • When a vehicle crashes/explodes, x% of the value will turn up as loot on the spot.
  • Distributed client/server model, placing most of the server load on the users. (Building this is going to kill me.)
  • Master server in the center. It controls accounts, bans; stores vehicles; whathaveyou.
  • Pricing: play x minutes for free per day. Pay to unlock more minutes.
I have a few more ideas, but mostly this is it. It's going to be hell building. But if I manage, this is going to be Ruzzle for space ships! (And I'm going to be able to buy more than a chewing-gum from the revenue this time around. Ahhh. The joy of sipping Piña Colada. Ok. Maybe not that.)

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