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Postmortem: NSAgent

Last night I came home from val d'Isere. 3.5 days of downhill was a good workout, as I've been having some periostitis trouble while running. I need to get going with the jogging though, if I am to beat my personal 10 year old record on the half marathon within one month. I ran a 10 km seeding race a month ago with lower average speed than my last marathon record, and 185 bpm average heart rate for 48.5 minutes. Not nice.

Something else that's not nice is my last game. Here's the post mortem.

What went wrongWhat went right
Highly repetitive
No variation at all.

Best game so far
I strongly disagree, but in this case I trust my family members more than I trust myself.

Custom built
Stated I would re-use tech from previous games, instead I custom-built the background uvst texturing. I generally don't like wasting days on building a feature that nobody appreciates.

Extremely simplistic controls. Only time is a factor between tap and rocket impact. (Next game I'll largely eliminate time too.)

Ugly-looking vehicles that doesn't go with the static but detailed photos. A texture on the body wouldn't hurt, nor would a bump map on the tires. Some detail to make the body meshes' env map shine. Pixel shaders. And so on.

Balanced difficulty
If you can throw a ball, you pretty much understand the concept of a parable. And time. Difficulty proportional to level.

No mayhem
Had to reduce the time that the broken vehicles stays on the road, as they otherwise blocked the road too often (resulting in a game too difficult). On the other hand: less debris on the road equals less mayhem equals less fun.

Anybody could understand and play. Guess that's not always a good thing. But it might be.
Dumb dumber
Had to remove “communist” as an enemy. Too bad I think, as Americans would have loved to shoot 'em, and the rest of the world would have loved to see how much Americans love to shoot commies.

Easter egg
Tiny wee thingies inside. Shhh! Our secret.

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