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I submitted my binary to App Store, nice! I turned off my computers and thought I'd have a well-earned week off or so. Not so fast said Apple. Two days later I started my machine to check mail and to my surprise I had gotten a mail from Apple stating that
Invalid Launch Image - Your app contains a launch image with a size modifier that is only supported for apps built with the iOS 6.0 SDK or later.
After some googling I realized this was part of a coup from Apple to invalidate old devices (iOS 4.2 and earlier). I have one of those myself, and hadn't updated Xcode for ages (3.1.5 I think), so instead I removed my hi-res launch images and thought what the heck, nobody's gonna buy this game anyway. But still App Store wouldn't allow me to submit my app, a rejection e-mail saying the same thing landed in my inbox a couple of minutes after I submitted every time! Probably due to some bug I guess.

Didn't leave me with a whole lot of options. So I've had to spend hours (and still is) on:
  • Installing Xcode 5 to be able to release at all.
  • Scrap STLport as LLVM headers as bundled with Xcode 5 didn't play nice.
  • Evaluate Boost. I'm still hoping I don't have to go there.
  • Evaluate C++11. LLVM in Xcode 5 supports unordered_map and unordered_set, which is pretty much all I've used.
  • Installing MSVC++ Express 2010. I had used 2008 up until now, but now I have to abandon the older version as it still uses a separate namespace for unordered_xxx. MSVC++ Express 2012&2013 won't install on Windows XP, so soon I need a newer version for that shit too.
Duh! I'm betting this shit is going to come down to some horrible linker error which will take me days to resolve on both platforms. This is when you realize that Microsoft still does a pretty good job of upholding some type of compatibility.

Ok, let's see... the app just finished compiling and linking for C++11 in Xcode 5... Hmmm... porting wasn't bad at all... Oops, but no it won't start. Debugger in Xcode can't launch. I pretty much know where it's going from here. I'll release in T-7 days instead of T+2 days. FUCK THOSE SHITHEADS, I WAS FUCKING DONE!

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