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I'm still no designer, but I'm slowly getting better at the tooling. I don't know jack about color theory or modelling best practices, but I might in time. In this pace I should understand the basics by 2063. The icon came out alright, and I think the launch image did too. These days you need 13 versions of these two images to support all devices. Thankfully iPad Mini and iPad has the same resolutions and same sizes on icons+launch images. These are the icons you need:

  • iPhone/iPod (57x7px)
  • iPhone/iPod Retina (114x114px)
  • iPad (72x72px)
  • iPad 3+ (144x144px)
  • App Store (1024x1024px)
  • iPhone/iPod Retina on iOS 7 (120x120px)
  • iPad on iOS 7 (76x76px)
  • iPad 3+ on iOS 7 (152x152px)

(iOS 7 is not only a nightmare for non-designers making icons, it sucks ape dick in other ways too. Apple has taken a long step towards the Android look and feel. Fortunately, there are a thousand more to go before they will sink that low; but I no longer foster any doubt that day will come in a few years' time. Valve on the bandwagon and all.)

This is the icon I came up with:

I spent a couple of evenings producing the right lighting (had forgotten how to do that in Maya) as well as masking and fiddling in Photoshop (had forgotten that too). The icon's better than the design of the game itself. Especially the levels have a feel of 10-year-old-trying-to-produce-kitsch.

I still think the controls are pretty ok. One thing I never thought of in the beginning of HeliForce was that the controls are not separate from the entity being controlled. The helicopter itself is heavy and has a lot of momentum. Momentum does not mix well with casual gaming. But I'm releasing as soon as I can anyway of course, but I have a few more days before I finish. My estimate was probably only off by 30%. Must be a new record. To my defense, I hadn't read up on iOS 7 stupidity (i.e. I'm only off by 29% then).

Also I decided on a name for the game: Downwash. I think it has a kinda cool sound to it. But I'm no game designer either. But I will be by 2063, at the very latest.

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